Chapter 11 Foul Mood

Princess Sanchia says, “Giggle… This will be fun to watch. I hope it turns out better than last year. He was so upset; we didn’t see him for weeks. Grandpa can be such a grouch.”

“Dad, I’m excited. There’s an event today.”

“That’s funny they didn’t mention a special event when we bought our tickets.”

“I’m seeing the Queen, wife of Afonso III and her daughter the Princess Sanchia. And I can hear them and understand them! That’s more action than the fossils. This is great!”

Dad looks happy and heads towards the centre of the hall where Pedro and Inês are located.

Queen Biatrix flies above my dad, dives, puts her head into the sarcophagus of Queen Urraca, wife of Afonso II, and whispers, “Guess what day today is?”

Urraca rises and says, “Today, the three sisters visit.”

Queen Biatrix nods and sheds stars you’d see if you had been hit in the head by a fastball thrown by a wild pitcher.

“I love my aunts very much but the King will kick up a fuss which will be worse than last time. He has been in a cranky mood to this day,” says Urraca.

“I guess I will tell your son then,” says Biatrix. “If we work together we can avoid what happened last year.”

“Whatever you do, don’t mention it to my husband. Maybe he won’t come out again for the rest of the day,” says Urraca.

I glance over to confirm if a king comes out of their stand up coffin. It’s Afonso III, who flies out of his coffin. He looks regal with a long robe, cap trimmed with ermine and an elaborate gold crown with red and green jewels.

He flies over to Urraca’s simple sarcophagus.

“What news have you today?” he bellows out. He’s a blusterous politician.

Queen Urraca, Princess Sanchia, and Queen Biatrix are standing to the left of King Afonso III. I lift my glasses for a minute and look in the chamber. There isn’t anyone. Dad is at the Pedro and Inês tombs. The security guard is following him.

I flip my glasses back on. The royal robes are flapping in a gentle breeze then their robes move with more intensity. There is an updraft. The queens and princess are holding their gowns.

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